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These little ladies are shaped and fired by hand in the tiny Munbeibi studio in San Francisco. Each one is hand-painted and unique, ranging from 2-3 inches tall. Koko is made from solid speckle buff clay.

238,900 miles from here, and many, many years ago, the Moon was made up of hundreds of little pieces of moon (rather than one big chunk). Those little pieces were called Moon Babes, and they spent their time floating along with each other, observing comets and stars. Over time, some of the Moon Babes began to wonder what life was like on that big blue and green rock nearby...

ust a little while ago, the Moon Babe pieces set out from their lunar orbit to float through space and investigate planet Earth. These days, the little Moon Babes have settled in the forests and seashores of Earth, preferring the company of trees and stars to city life. But, with spring in the air, they are coming out from their hiding places to bring you tiny fruit offerings and wisdom from the cosmos.

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