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Mūnbeibī was founded in 2015 by Hannah Schuster, a ceramicist who creates playful sculptures and vessels. Hannah travels for part of the year in Hokkaido, Japan, and Munbeibi has become an outlet for Hannah's ceramic adventures.

The name Mūnbeibī (moon-bay-bee) comes from the phonetic translation of "Moon Babe" in katakana - "Moon Babes" were the first ceramic totems made by Hannah, and this is their story:

238,900 miles from here, and eons ago, the Moon was made up of hundreds of little pieces of moon (rather than one big chunk). Those little pieces were called Moon Babes, and they spent their time floating along with each other, observing comets and stars. Over time, some of the Moon Babes began to wonder what life was like on that big blue and green rock nearby...

A few years ago, a small convoy of babes set out from their lunar orbit to investigate planet Earth. After much exploration, the little Moon Babes mostly settled in the forests and seashores of our planet, preferring the company of trees and stars to city life. These days, they are slowly setting out from their hiding places to say hello, and to bring you wisdom from the cosmos.


Shows & Other Things:

Snow Festival at Atelier Sora 陶工房  空  陶芸教室 Sapporo, October 26-29
Creative Friends Sample Sale, TWO!, Haight, September 24
Creative Friends Sample Sale, Haight, August 20
SummerShop at Studio/Space, July 30
Renegade Craft Fair, Fort Mason, July 15 & 16
The Good Craft, Celery Space Berkeley, July 8
Maker Thursdays at Art Attack, June 29
Good Omen Market at Classic Cars West, Oakland, June 17
West Coast Craft, Fort Mason, June 10 & 11
Mission Open Studios, Red Brick Studios, April 1 & 2
Revolver x Her Pop Up, San Francisco, March
SF Center for the Book Holiday Fair, December
Illetante Release at Growlery, December
West Coast Craft, November
Flight Design Co. + Munbeibi at Legion SF, November
Rare Device Window Installation, October
SF Zine Fest, September
Maker Market at Yosemite Studios, August
Welcome Center Pop-Up, Summer
West Coast Craft, June
Munbeibi's 1st Birthday at Little Lodge, March
East Bay Alt Book Fair, December
West Coast Craft, November
Handmade Life Show at Jack London Square, October
SF Zine Fest, September
Zine Queens Pop Up at Little Lodge, September
Urban Air Market, August


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