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Happy New Year!

Hannah Schuster

Winter Club copy.jpg

I spent the first half of the winter with my sister in Sapporo as usual, and was able to make the largest single batch of Munbeibis to date! I’ve settled into a routine of making one batch of Munbeibis every three months - the process of planning, sculpting, drying, painting and firing usually takes about that long - so once I’ve finished sculpting, however many Munbeibis are in that batch will make up the Munbeibi Club deliveries, online shop update, stockist update, and seconds sale (for any ladies with minor cracks or glaze runs). This last winter batch ended up being 24 - typically I am able to make about 15-18, so it was a huge jump!

One change I made last year was to start sketching the Munbeibis before working with the clay, and I found that this hugely streamlined my process (which is probably why I was able to make so many!) I’m continuing on with decorative painting and new textures, as well as some cute little bows and outfits. Additionally, I’ve started re-interpreting some of my favorite classic paintings as illustrations on the bodies of the Munbeibis. I’m looking forward to trying a few more next season!

Summer in Victoria

Hannah Schuster

Super colorful summer spent working out of Hands on Pottery in Victoria, B.C.! I tried out some new glazes and experimented more with adding little items and painting a bit more than usual. Overall, such an inspiring and productive summer in a truly beautiful place. I can’t wait to go back at the end of December!

It was also very exciting to introduce The Munbeibi Club in August. This is a quarterly subscription plan that delivers 4 exclusive Munbeibis to your door with each change of season! I’m so looking forward to making special sculptures for subscribers, and can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

THE MUNBEIBI CLUB | Quarterly Subscription

The Munbeibi Club is a subscription service with four surprise full-size Munbeibis delivered to your front door each season. With free shipping, each box will contain a seasonally themed, unique Munbeibi totem. In addition, each club member will receive a complimentary mini-cake-girl Munbeibi totem for their birthday! Just enter your birthday month into the form at checkout.

Flip through the product images to see some of the Munbeibis from past season deliveries!

What you’ll receive:
- Four full-size Munbeibis, one per season
- One mini-birthday Munbeibi during your birthday month
- Free shipping
- 20% off and free shipping on any other shop order during your year-long subscription
- Special Requests! Send us a note and request a custom Munbeibi during your subscription.
- Free tote when you subscribe during the month of June, 2019!

If this is a gift, let us know and we’ll be sure to leave any invoicing out of the packages. If you’d like the gift recipient to receive an email when their subscription has been sent, enter their email address into the “Is this a gift” section at checkout!

Please use the code “CLUB” at checkout to utilize free shipping.

Munbeibi Seasons:
SPRING: Munbeibis will be shipped in May
SUMMER: Munbeibis will be shipped in August
AUTUMN: Munbeibis will be shipped in November
WINTER: Munbeibis will be shipped in February

You will receive an email when each of your Munbeibi Club totems have been shipped.


The Munbeibi Story

Once upon a time, 238,900 miles from here, the Moon was made up of hundreds of little pieces of moon (rather than one big chunk). Those little pieces were called Munbeibis. They spent their time floating along with each other, observing comets and stars. They were generally known to be calm and contented creatures, but (as happens with many humans) some of the Moon Babes began to wonder what life was like in other places, such as on that big blue and green rock their world constantly circled...

A few years ago, a small convoy of Munbeibis decided to set out from their lunar orbit to investigate Earth. After much travel and exploration, the Munbeibis settled in the forests and seashores of our planet, preferring the company of trees and stars to city life, marveling at the lush greenery and shifting water. Sometimes, they set out from their hiding places to say hello to a special human or two, to bring you wisdom from the cosmos, fruits, cakes and flowers, and a little warm company.

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New Works and Old Friends

Hannah Schuster

I am happy to share these new pieces I made while in Hokkaido. I felt very productive this spring, and am really excited about this colorful new direction my pottery is heading in!

I spent a lot of time at Nora Gallery and Studio in Furano with my teacher, Yasu. I hope some of you will be able to visit him and his wife someday! They are such wonderful people, and I'm so grateful to be showing work in the gallery now.

In two weeks I'll be heading to Victoria, BC for the rest of the summer. I'll be working on large vases and more totems out of Yunomi Studio.

Sapporo Spring

Hannah Schuster

Back in Sapporo until summer, I'm so happy to be here again and making new work! I have a glaze firing later today, and will unload the kiln on Monday, so I'm hopefully looking at having some new work to share. In the meantime, I'm going to keep working on these little doll friends I've been making lately. It's a nice change of pace when I'm feeling burned out from painting all the time!

San Francisco Sheep

Hannah Schuster

It's been really lovely to be back in San Francisco. Even though I usually prefer cold weather, I can't deny that I've been enjoying walking to the grocery store without giant snow boots and a furry parka! I've also been reunited with my favorite furry photo backdrop; I was able to snap a few photos of the little shepherdess and sheep sculptures I made while I was in Japan. I kind of love them <3


Hannah Schuster

If you keep up on the Munbeibi Instagram, you may know that I travel back and forth from Sapporo and San Francisco twice a year. It's a very long journey and I'm always sad to leave Sapporo, but it's wonderful to see friends and family when I'm in California. I'll be heading to SF next Monday, so I just fired my last kiln load a few days ago. I'm so happy with the work I was able to make while I was here, and grateful for my amazing teachers. I feel like I've made some progress with form and simplicity in decoration. 

Now, on to holiday celebrations with my family, and enjoying the company of bay area friends!


Hannah Schuster

New bowl, totems and a vase hanging out by the window (with the always-handsome Chirochan)

Mailing New Work to San Francisco

Hannah Schuster

I just unloaded some new work I fired at Sapporo Tougei. I'm really happy with how a few of the pieces turned out - though I could only spend an hour with them as I had to mail many off to San Francisco for the Design Collective Holiday Pop Up at Little Lodge! Even though I won't be there in person, I'm happy to be able to participate.

Autumn in Hokkaido

Hannah Schuster


It's been a lovely and productive autumn in Hokkaido! It's been such long time since I've seen fall colors. I'm looking forward to winter, we're seeing the first few snows of the year now - until it gets too snowy to drive, I'll keep going to Furano and Ebetsu to work on throwing.

West Coast Craft

Hannah Schuster

Oh hello there! I've been lying pretty low since I got back from Sapporo a few weeks ago. West Coast Craft was so much fun, but dang, doing a craft show while jet-lagged is not for the faint of heart! 

I'm looking forward to getting a new batch of work in the kiln next week for a bisque fire, it's been nice to take it a bit easy and make things for fun with no event in mind!

Granted, Munbeibi will be at Renegade in just a few weeks, so I'd better get to it. xoxo

Tougei Time

Hannah Schuster

It's finally time to go back to San Francisco next week, so I unloaded the last kiln firing today before the Moon Babe departure! I'm really happy I was able to make so much work this spring, and I can't wait to see everyone at West Coast Craft next weekend!

Frosting Blush

Hannah Schuster

Just unloaded the latest glaze fire from the kiln at Sapporo Tougei! The glaze I'm using here is quite a bit different from my favorites in the US (hey there, Mayco Stroke n Coat ;) so the results were a surprise! I love the way the blush caked on to the faces to almost look like strawberry frosting. Today I'm off to pick up my last bisque fire contents from ST, and then glazing this weekend! Soon I'll be back in SF, prepping for West Coast Craft. It's amazing how quickly the months fly by.

Hanami Season

Hannah Schuster

The Cherry Blossoms are blooming like crazy here in Sapporo. It's also insanely windy, so they are blowing around left and right - of course I'm running around collecting handfuls of them for Munbeibi bowls. <3

Atelier Sora & Sapporo Tougei

Hannah Schuster

Loved working with Atelier Sora to create some limited bowls for West Coast Craft! I am so excited now to be working on a new batch of vessels which will be fired at Sapporo Tougei - they specialize in really lovely ceramic supplies, and rent out their kilns to local ceramists. Just finished drying the new pieces, and I'll do the bisque fire this week (happy dance). For now, here are the finished bowls from working on the wheel with Katou Sensei at Atelier Sora.

Hokkaido Dreaming

Hannah Schuster

Back in Hokkaido for the spring - it's freezing and snowy and perfectly marvelous. I am working with Atelier Sora to create some limited edition bowls for West Coast Craft in June, and can't wait to glaze them!

Winter WCC Recap

Hannah Schuster

Well, another West Coast Craft fair has come and gone. The Moon Babes had so much fun sharing a booth with our collaborator, Julia Ballenger, and all her bathing ladies. As usual, the love and support from new and returning friends and customers was overwhelmingly lovely. Thank you all so much!

Julia and I were also thrilled to be able to donate a portion of our sales to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood.

Letters For Social Justice

Hannah Schuster

There is so much to say about the state of our world and our country right now - and what has been the state of our country for generations. Racism, violence, misogyny, xenophobia, intolerance, denial of climate change; whether these injustices have always been a part of your life, or you are just becoming more aware of them now, in this moment we know there is no more time to waste. We need to stand up for one another and protect each other and our earth. Looking forward, I am turning to a passage from a recent essay by Junot Díaz:

"So what now? Well, first and foremost, we need to feel. We need to connect courageously with the rejection, the fear, the vulnerability that Trump’s victory has inflicted on us, without turning away or numbing ourselves or lapsing into cynicism. We need to bear witness to what we have lost: our safety, our sense of belonging, our vision of our country. We need to mourn all these injuries fully, so that they do not drag us into despair, so repair will be possible.

And while we’re doing the hard, necessary work of mourning, we should avail ourselves of the old formations that have seen us through darkness. We organize. We form solidarities. And, yes: we fight. To be heard. To be safe. To be free.

For those of us who have been in the fight, the prospect of more fighting, after so cruel a setback, will seem impossible. At moments like these, it is easy for even a matatana to feel that she can’t go on. But I believe that, once the shock settles, faith and energy will return. Because let’s be real: we always knew this shit wasn’t going to be easy. Colonial power, patriarchal power, capitalist power must always and everywhere be battled, because they never, ever quit. We have to keep fighting, because otherwise there will be no future—all will be consumed." 

A first step we can take is to share our stories and opinions with our representatives in government. From now until March 2017, we are offering to print your letters and mail them directly to our local, state and federal officials. The full list of officials we will mail to is below. Please, make your voice heard, help to protect the rights that all people living in the US and around the world deserve. Munbeibi stands with POC, fellow women, the LGBTQ community, all immigrants, refugees, religions, and our planet.

Click here to start the fight by writing a letter.

Japan in September

Hannah Schuster

Hey Moon Babes! I was lucky enough to spend the month of September in Japan and wanted to share some photos from the trip. From Sapporo to Shimabara, the babes and I wandered all over, ate some delicious foods (can you say Soup Curry and Kanzarashiiii), saw beauteous art and met so many amazing people. 

I'm back in the Bay just in time to prep for another West Coast Craft on November 12+13, and this time I'm collaborating and sharing a booth with my super-talented friend, Julia Ballenger! I can't wait to get out there and show the new sculptures and bowls I've been working on.


Babe Furniture!

Hannah Schuster

So excited about our babe furniture! Modeled after antique poufs and chaise lounges, these modern versions are sculpted and glazed by hand in our studio in San Francisco. Available in our store now!

Just Sayin Hey

Hannah Schuster

Hello it's me, Hannah, the creative lass behind Mūnbeibī. I wanted to step out from behind the Moon Babes and say hello! Recently, I changed the name of Little Paper Press to Mūnbeibī. It was very exciting and an incredibly nerve wracking decision, one I made because of my love of experimenting with different forms and materials outside of press work, as well as my desire to have a name that I felt represented me more personally. I have been in the print and book design world for over 7 years now, and I love the work I do, but I've also been moonlighting as a creator of 3D objects for a few years. I always thought of the clay work I do as a little silly, too personal and a project just for my own amusement. Compared to the more serious world of print and book design, it didn't seem as important. But... thanks to the love and encouragement from the magical people in my life (old and new) I changed the name and branding of my press to something that really speaks to my funny little heart, and I've combined all the types of design I love under one umbrella, leaving the door for creativity and experimentation, success and failure, wide open. 😱 So, thanks to the old pals who are still here, and hi to our new friends. The Moon Babes and I really ❤️  you a lot, even though we always look depressed in our photos.