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Happy New Year!

Hannah Schuster

Winter Club copy.jpg

I spent the first half of the winter with my sister in Sapporo as usual, and was able to make the largest single batch of Munbeibis to date! I’ve settled into a routine of making one batch of Munbeibis every three months - the process of planning, sculpting, drying, painting and firing usually takes about that long - so once I’ve finished sculpting, however many Munbeibis are in that batch will make up the Munbeibi Club deliveries, online shop update, stockist update, and seconds sale (for any ladies with minor cracks or glaze runs). This last winter batch ended up being 24 - typically I am able to make about 15-18, so it was a huge jump!

One change I made last year was to start sketching the Munbeibis before working with the clay, and I found that this hugely streamlined my process (which is probably why I was able to make so many!) I’m continuing on with decorative painting and new textures, as well as some cute little bows and outfits. Additionally, I’ve started re-interpreting some of my favorite classic paintings as illustrations on the bodies of the Munbeibis. I’m looking forward to trying a few more next season!