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Frosting Blush

Hannah Schuster

Just unloaded the latest glaze fire from the kiln at Sapporo Tougei! The glaze I'm using here is quite a bit different from my favorites in the US (hey there, Mayco Stroke n Coat ;) so the results were a surprise! I love the way the blush caked on to the faces to almost look like strawberry frosting. Today I'm off to pick up my last bisque fire contents from ST, and then glazing this weekend! Soon I'll be back in SF, prepping for West Coast Craft. It's amazing how quickly the months fly by.

Japan ^_^

Hannah Schuster

We just returned from our latest journey to Japan! There may be some serious jet-lag occurring now, but it was worth it (as always). Typically, our Japan ventures consist of camping and road trips across the northern mountains n valleys to visit makers and beautiful places - but this time it was decided that some serious relaxing was in order. We were lucky enough to spend a week in Iriomote-jima, Okinawa (the tropical wonderland of super southern Japan) lounging on the beach, swimming in warm water, dozing, walking and sipping pineapple beers. Of course we had to do something productive, so we brought along a little coven of our Moon Babe Okimonos and had a hilariously good time photographing a lookbook of their island adventure. We'll have the printed lookbook for free at our West Coast Craft booth!