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The Snake Munbeibi


The Snake Munbeibi

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The Snake Munbeibi

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Solid shigaraki stoneware sculpture, hand painted with both glossy and matte glaze.
Made in our Hokkaido studio!

*This sculpture is discounted due to a small crack in the back of the Snake’s body.*


Once upon a time, 238,900 miles from here, the Moon was made up of hundreds of little pieces of moon (rather than one big chunk). Those little pieces were called Munbeibis. They spent their time floating along with each other, observing comets and stars. They were generally known to be calm and contented creatures, but (as happens with many humans) some of the Moon Babes began to wonder what life was like in other places, such as on that big blue and green rock their world constantly circled...

A few years ago, a small convoy of Munbeibis decided to set out from their lunar orbit to investigate Earth. After much travel and exploration, the Munbeibis settled in the forests and seashores of our planet, preferring the company of trees and stars to city life, marveling at the lush greenery and shifting water. Sometimes, they set out from their hiding places to say hello to a special human or two, to bring you wisdom from the cosmos, fruits, cakes and flowers, and a little warm company.


All pieces are handmade, causing some variations in form and finish to occur within each unique piece. If you see something you'd like that is currently out of stock or unavailable, please email hi@munbeibi.com

All sales are final, but in the event that an item is damaged during shipping, please contact us via email within 7 business days to order a replacement at no charge.

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